Justin.tv Private Roku Channel

JustinTV Private Roku Channel

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There are literally hundreds of private channels for Roku. There are plenty of good channels to be found, but finding a great channel is like discovering a diamond in the rough. One channel that is a must have is the Unofficial Justin.tv private Roku channel. The name doesn’t make much sense so most people probably don’t bother installing it. Justin.tv is a live streaming service where people can stream live over the internet. It seems to be most popular for people streaming video game sessions but hidden amongst the live streams, there are users devoted to streaming movies and television series.

There is many different categories to choose from meaning everyone should be able to find something they want to watch. The channel has a nice feature where you can mark streams as a favorite. This is handy if you find a couple of different streams that you like. You can then choose the favorites tab and it will show all the streams that you have marked as favorite. It makes finding things very easy and quick. It would be great if more channels added that option.

Watch live tv on your Roku

Occasionally, people will stream live tv meaning you can watch a current tv episode or event. Usually, people will only live stream a popular show or a big event like the Superbowl, or the Oscar awards. To find these, it is best to use the search feature. Video quality of the streams is typically pretty good. It is not HD as that would require way too much bandwidth for a streaming service that relies on individuals internet connections. The quality is definitely watchable though and streams nicely even on slower connections.

To get started, use the private Roku channel code ‘justintv’ or click this link to watch Justin.tv on your Roku. The service is totally free, and from my experience none of the live streams contain any advertisements unless it is a stream of live tv in which case you will see the advertisements shown during the broadcast of whatever is being streamed. Overall, the Unofficial Justin.tv is a channel that everyone should install on their Roku device. Because it is free, if you don’t like it you can just delete it without any recurring costs associated.

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If you like the Justin.tv channel, make sure to share it with all your friends and family. Also, if you find any good streams, make sure to mention them in the comments area on this post.

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