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Last year was an amazing year for the Roku Streaming Media Player. It was reported that over 1 billion hours of streaming media was viewed by Roku owners last year. That works out to over One Hundred and Fourteen years of viewing!

Nowhere TV the Best Private Roku Channel

By far, one of the best private Roku channels is Nowhere TV. Not only does it provide a vast array of different media to select from, it is also completely free. For anyone who has a Roku and doesn’t have the Nowhere TV channel installed; wait no longer and go get it now.

With Nowhere TV you get access to well over 100 news channels, tons of sports feeds, a whole slew of technology shows, and access to music archives as well. There is way too much to list all on one post and the channel is always getting updates as well. The best thing to do is download and install the channel and then start going through all of the content to be viewed.

TV goes Social with Roku

A new feature that is being worked on is Nowhere TV social. It works by displaying a bar at the top of the screen that shows recent tweets including the Nowhere TV hashtag. This allows you to share what you are watching with others and also see what others are watching. It works great and lets you find media that you might not of found otherwise.

Install Nowhere TV Private Roku Channel

To get started, click the install link below or manually add the Nowhere TV channel by using the private Roku code H9DWC.

Install Nowhere TV

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