Video Buzz Private Roku Channel

Video Buzz Private Roku Channel

Watch YouTube on your Roku

There is finally a way for people to watch YouTube on their Roku Streaming Media Player. Unfortunately, there is still no official YouTube Channel for Roku but this solution works very well. By adding the Roku Private Channel called Video Buzz, you can now watch any video that is on YouTube directly from your Roku device.

Video Buzz is completely free meaning it is free to download and install and there are no hidden subscription fees to use it. It has all the functionality that is needed to watch videos on YouTube. You can view the Popular Videos based on Popular This Day, Popular This Week, Popular This Month, and Popular All Time. If there is a video that you know exists, you can always use the search feature to find it and watch it.

Video Buzz does not currently allow you to see any comments left for YouTube videos, but honestly; who wants to see the comments anyway? What is great about the Video Buzz Roku channel is that if something exists on YouTube, you can watch it.

1080p is another great private Roku channel, but it only shows content that is 1080p quality. Everything else is filtered out and will not show up even if you search for it. Combined, the 1080p Roku Private Channel and the Video Buzz Roku Private Channel will allow you to get the best of both worlds and will cost you nothing at all.

Create your own YouTube playlists on Roku

If you want to sit back and watch some playlists, you can create them using a computer and then watch them whenever you like on your Roku. You can set them up by configuring your YouTube account with the Video Buzz channel.

Install the Video Buzz Roku Private Channel

To get started, Install the Video Buzz Roku Private Channel by using this link.

Or install manually by using the code “videobuzz”.

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2 Responses to "Video Buzz Private Roku Channel"

  1. habib tall says:

    i want to install video buzz on my roku but i cant ,want some help.

    • PrivateRokuChannelADM says:

      I’d be glad to help you out. What part are you having trouble with? Have you ever installed a private channel before?

      Here are the steps you need to do.

      1. Click this link: Video Buzz Roku Channel
      2. The Roku site will ask you to sign in. Use the login in password that you setup when you first registered your Roku device.
      3. Once logged in, the page will refresh and you will see an image of the Video Buzz logo and two buttons below.
      4. Click the button ‘Yes, Add Channel’.
      5. Now go to your Roku device and open the Roku Channel Store.
      6. Close the Roku Channel Store and it will begin the sync process that downloads and installs any new channels.
      7. Scroll through your dashboard menu until you see the Video Buzz channel icon. Click the ‘OK’ button when you find it.
      8. The Video Buzz channel should now open.

      Try those steps and let me know if you get stuck on one of the items.

      Good luck!

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